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From the moment someone put her hands on a braille book and began to teach her to read, Sherry has been an avid reader. For years, she envied her sighted friends who could walk into a book store and buy and own books. With the internet age, her dream of being able to have an extensive library came true, with things like audible.com, Kindle, Bookshare and the National Library Service for the Blind’s digital download service. As a child, she began making up stories with her dolls and stuffed animals, writing stories about favorite rock bands or TV characters. She’s been writing in one way or another ever since. A teacher told her once that she painted pictures with her words and she’s dreamed of being a published author from that moment. In the meantime, she’s worked as a switchboard operator, executive assistant, computer teacher and a tech support representative.

Sherry grew up in the San Jose area of California but now lives in Colorado. She shares her home with her yellow labrador guide dog, Shani. She loves reading, shopping, movies, musical theater, spending time with friends, cooking, and of course writing. The Beatles really are her all-time favorite band!
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