Audio at Last!

Audio at Last!

December 15, 2021




It has been nearly six months since I published Haven, and yet, there is a wide audience I have not reached yet. But at last, finally, I have started the process of getting Haven in audio! It was a strange and difficult, highly emotional process. Once I hit the final submit button and verified it had gone through, I began to cry.

As a blind person, who has read books in audio all my life—few books are available in braille—I have waited years, most of my lifetime, to hear something like “Haven, by sherry gomes” at the beginning of an audio book. If this happens, no, when it happens, will it mean even more than knowing my name is on a print book?


There were quite a few steps to this process. First I had to link my account to the ACX account, so it could bring up Haven. Then I had to fill out a number of things, choosing gender, age and vocal style, discussing the type of book, y social media and other marketing venues, and then submit a three-page sample. I chose a couple scenes so that Elizabeth, Michael and Ethan would be shown. I had to verify my rights and pick from several options regarding royalties.


It is done! My baby is on its way. Fingers crossed.


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