Haven Summary

“There was one thing she knew. This would not be the end. She would not give up, not ever. Nico might have the victory now, but she would find a way to turn the tables on him.

Holding her head high, she vowed that somehow, someday, Rosie would be with her again.”

Elizabeth Bennett arrives in Haven Valley, seeking healing after her emotionally abusive, unscrupulous ex-husband uses his family’s political influence to gain sole custody of their daughter, solely on the basis that Elizabeth is blind.

At Haven Valley Church, Michael Kelly’s grief for his wife is fresh as when he lost her three years ago, but he focuses on his love for the son he is now raising alone. A good man, a good father, and a good pastor to the community, he deeply longs for companionship and love.

These two people, nearly broken by disaster, meet on a snowy night that will change their lives. Through this town, its people, and two very special children Michael and Elizabeth begin to create their safe haven, though the past relentlessly places stumbling blocks in their path.

Can they keep the love and healing they’ve found?
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