November 25, 2021




I’m wishing everyone, especially those in the US, a very happy Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful this year. I published a book! I published my first novel in 2021. This was my dream since I was about nine or ten, and here I am, 64, and I’ve accomplished that dream at last! I am thankful to all who have read and loved my book this year. I’m thankful for the friends who helped me get this done and to those who believed in me all these years. No, this hasn’t been the perfect year. But when I look back and realize what I’ve done, my heart is overwhelmed with gladness and thankfulness.


So, thank you all, for being here, for reading Haven, for loving my characters, for believing in me.


Leave a comment and let me know what you are thankful for this year, if you should feel so inclined.


Happy Thanksgiving!



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