Why is Michael Kelly a Pastor if Haven Isn’t Technically Christian Fiction?

Why is Michael Kelly a Pastor if Haven Isn’t Technically Christian Fiction?

Why is Michael Kelly a pastor if the book isn’t Christian Fiction


Since the release of Haven, I’ve seen the book described by some as Christian fiction. I have never considered it to be so, but since the main male lead is a pastor, I understand why people might draw that conclusion. Yet, Haven isn’t technically Christian fiction. There is no spiritual tug-of-war nor any conversion scene. People who enjoy Christian fiction can read Haven without worrying that there might be something negative toward their faith, but people who never read that genre can be assured that there is no “preaching” in the story. So, let me talk about why I made him a pastor of a small church.

When Michael came in to my mind, he was a pastor. I thought about making him something else, but he stubbornly remained a pastor. And I love him that way. It gave me the chance to show something that can happen when a pastor is a young single male. Single women in the church often dream of being a pastor’s wife, and I was able to focus on that angle with Michael. Also, he is a sort of tribute in the end, to a very good pastor I once knew who was kind to me during a difficult time.

There is no other reason for Michael’s profession than those above. He came to me as a pastor, and I cannot imagine him as anything else! Can you? Tell me what you think of Michael in the comments. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.



  1. marlsmenagerie Reply

    I am a Christian fiction author and I do not want to be preachy either. I loved the character development and I think pastor is the right role for Michael as he comforts and supports Elizabeth. I love the realism in dealing with blindness as I am also a member of that community. I recommend Haven to readers who love memorable stories and strong character development. It will be an unforgetable journey.

    1. That’s exactly why I didn’t want Haven to be classed as christian fiction. So much of it is preachy and turns people off, even Christians. I am a christian and it often turns me off. I hoped readers would love Michael for who he is and not what he does. You made my day with your comment. Thank you.

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