July 2, 2024



Hello to any followers still out there! I know I’ve been away far too long. There’s been a lot happening in my personal life, but there’s some great writing news too, so we’ll talk about that here.


I’m still working on the next book in the Haven valley series, tentatively called Fascination. I was absolutely stuck on chapter 15, could not get through it, no matter how often I tried. I’d read it over and just hate it. I’d write a paragraph or two, and then just stop, unable to go anywhere. But a month or so ago, I was finally able to sit down, and the chapter just flowed. It’s done, with 16 well on the way. Had some personal setbacks since then, but writing should commence soon.


Last fall, I entered the American Fiction Awards. And guess what? No I didn’t win a prize, but I did win recognition, a runner up, the right to put the logo and award on Haven and all that goes with it. Woo hoo!


And now, here’s some exciting news. Author and writing instructor, Emma Dhesi, will be interviewing me on August 15! She teaches quite a few writing classes and writes uplifting emails to authors. I always enjoy her words. She put out a request for interested authors to let her know if they’d liked to be interviewed, and I jumped at the chance. Emma has so many contacts in the writing and publishing world, and this is a chance to get my name and my book out to many more people. This is still my dream. I write because I love it, and I must write. It’s a compulsion, but I’d also love to have my work known and loved. Of course I would. Either way, it’s an opportunity to talk about something I love, writing. Once the interview is posted, I’ll put the link up here. Woo hoo again.


Until next time. And I’m determined that next time won’t take such a long time. I’ll consider the example of one of my favorite authors, Louise Penny, and try to write a monthly letter.







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