Haven is Ready to Preorder!

Haven is Ready to Preorder!

7 July 2021


Yes, it’s true. Haven is available for preorder from Amazon! Right now!

When I got the word from amazon I cried and laughed all morning. After all the years I’ve waited for this day, dreamed of my name being on a book cover, and now, here it is! Me, Sherry Gomes, an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life, who happens to have a talent for writing, achieving an extraordinary goal and dream and becoming a published author. I have many moments when I can just about believe it, and many moments when I almost can’t believe it. But it’s true. My book, something that came from my heart and soul and imagination will be available for anyone to read on July 15, 2021. Have you ever seen the movie, the sound of Music? In the scene when the captain proposes to Maria, and she says something like, “Oh, can this be happening to me?” Well, that’s me. Can this be happening to me? Yes, it is happening!



  1. Kathy Willson Reply

    I’ve preordered! Congrats on writing your book and now being a published author!
    Your HP friend,

    1. Oh Potion Cat! Thank you! grin. I forgot, you were potion cat. Thanks so much Kathy. I hope you enjoy the book.

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