One Week

One Week

One Week!

July 8, 2021


One week to go! One week and Haven is officially released. What a journey! How amazing it feels to be a published author at last.


The other day, I received two copies of my book in paperback form. I didn’t cry and laugh as I had when I got the word from Amazon that the book was ready for preorder. I felt I was in a daze, almost numb at first. Could this really be My Book? Books I was holding to my chest as if I’d never let go?


Then, my friend activated an app on his phone called Seeing AI, an app that takes pictures of things and tells you with speech what it might be. He had it read the back cover. He had it read the title, Haven, a new novel by sherry Gomes. Yes, by sherry gomes! There it was, my name on a book cover. Then we had the app read a page from the middle of the book. That’s when the tears began.


So, one week from today, you will all be able to share in the world of Haven! One more week.


Preorder Haven here:




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